A Different Era - Online and Offline, a Social Experiment


By Brent Staples

Having worked in and out of clubs for the last 15 years I have to concede that the new generation NEEDS TO GROW SOME BALLS!!

Now some of you may have spluttered when you read that but give me a chance to back myself up here a bit.

My first hook-up/dance/ move that I ever made in a club required gonads! I rocked up at the club and braved the bouncers on my own, there was no invite from Facebook, I heard that the jol was going down at THAT establishment on that evening by socializing, going to another establishment, eavesdropping, introducing myself to strangers and taking part in casual conversation, my interaction was REAL, no followers or friend requests! I made it into the Club hoping my mates were there as there was NO SMS from someone to say they we will catch up with you there.

When I leveled eye contact and plucked up enough courage to approach the young lady of my choice, there was NO easy out of exchanging BBM pins or "have you got Whattsapp" distractions! I had to make it happen THEN and THERE!

We went Out to meet people and interact, nowadays the youngsters can�t get by without the cell App interaction.

They have no Idea what it takes to walk up to someone and Engage in Regular Conversation without the gadgetry of the 21st century.

Funnily enough the Dj�s back then also had Skill and not Virtual DJ 3.0!

If you dropped a beat IT WAS YOU, not your laptop!

people are not hiding behind it just a little TOO much in the social world.

Too often I see the new generation interacting with each other online while they're in the same physical room. Has it become that difficult to stand up, walk over and speak to someone?

I have been so tempted to open a club where the entry fee is to retire your cell @ the door and you can only get it back after a minimum period of 3 hours. But as I say this, I wonder who really wants to go to a club with over anxious patrons who cannot communicate with one another!  ;-)  


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