Music in itself

by Brent Staples

As the wheels hit the runway tar of King Shaka Airport I was jolted back to reality and I started to reflect on the past 21 days that I had spent touring Thailand and its party scene.

Whenever I go on holiday, its always a mild occupational hazard that I will end up working on some level, part of the curse of the entertainment industry. Its not that I am complaining its just difficult not to compare notes when you are on the other side of the fence.

My Journey had taken me to Phuket via Bankok and Pattaya and through one of the largest tourist friendly areas in the world as far as I am concerned. Beautiful beaches, awesome climate, great food, friendly people and the hedonistic parties that one indulges in whilst on holiday.

The thing that amused me the most was the manner in which the western music scene prevails and dominates all over the globe. Just catching the skytrain in Bankok one will hear the Rhianna ringtone compete with the latest Florida track emanating from some passenger's I-pad.

The Dance Scene in the MIXXX club in Pattaya and �The Famous� nightclubs was no different to that latest Bump Cd or the new NOW Compilation. I did an extensive tour to see if I had anything to learn from a similar tourist type of market that Backline caters for and surprisingly not much was out of the norm from the several clubs I visited versus the numerous clubs I have been involved with over the past decade.

It was whilst sitting at The Cartoon Cafe, just off Bangla Road in Patong that I found myself well impressed with a DJ and herewith came to a conclusion as to why the DJ�s in Every club I had gone to impressed me so much in general.

The Thai people are of a very humble by nature and are always prepared to help one another in any way possible, thus the DJ�s themselves were catering to the needs of the crowds. Its more often than not that I witness arrogant Dj�s try and force a crowd to listen to what they find to be �good music� and then complain that the crowd is �funny� or �difficult�. Here I sat 14 000 miles away from home and was being entertained by a DJ that had not forced his choice of music above the rest and relied on the popularity of the songs and the crowd response to be his guide.

Humble, alert and ready to entertain, the mark of a great DJ.

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